Santa Pups Children’s Book Coming Soon

Children’s book Illustration in Progress

While FolioAcademy is my first priority, I also teach illustration at UVU and I am of course I am a freelance illustrator.
Presently I am working on Santa Pups by Jerry Pallatta – Scholastic.
Since it has all these dogs in it, I’ve been having a great time working on it -It’s a very simple but funny story where Santa decides to try different breeds of dogs to pull his sled one year. These are the Mutts and they want to go in every direction! This has been such a fun story to work on! I even got to work my dog Pooch into it! How did they know I’m such a dog guy? It’s like the dog gods were smiling down on me when I got this job! I even got to work the author and editor’s dogs into a few of the illustrations! Working as an illustrator is so much fun because you never know what kind of projects you’ll get to work on from month to month.
Pic of Pooch the dog and Will Terry, the artist. Will's face is photo shopped onto a dogs body.

I’m out of here – going for a walk with Pooch – later.

Phases of this Textbook Cover Illustration

My Art Process for the Phases of this Cover Illustration

The Sketch

Element hired me to do the cover art for an English language text book.

– the idea is that by learning English you become more free to pursue whatever you want.
– that more doors are open to those who speak and understand English. And probable to those who know how to read and write English as well.
My client wanted me to illustrate some of the buildings in the shape of letters to further the language angle.

SEPARATE BACKGROUND Can be Used Multiple Times

I was asked to paint the background separate from the foreground so they can use it for other covers that we are currently working on.


This is a challenge because as I’m painting it’s hard to control values and colors but here they are combined.

Final Cover Art

This is the final illustration, by me, Will Terry, with the cover graphics. Turned out pretty well.

Art for beginners, try Zentagle, No Art Experience Necessary

Zentangle a cool art form for everyone

Zentangle Example

“Discover your inner creativity!” We have 3 new courses by the funloving, certified Zentangle instructor/ photographer/ artist, Ellen Darby, on Zentangle at FolioAcademy where you find all kinds of art lessons online.

What is Zentagle? Good question.

Zentangled Heart

Zentangle is an easy to learn art form, it is fun and relaxing. With it you create beautiful designs through the use of repetitive patterns. It’s like doodling with direction.

Zentangle art ideas are limitless

Zentangled House

Zentangles canbe used in endless ways—from greeting cards, creative journals, and ceramic tiles, to business logos, therapeutic self-expression, and corporate team building.

Zentangle is Fun and Easy to Learn

Zentangle Process

No matter how you choose to express yourself, Zentangling is a fun, soothing, invigorating, affordable, portable, and personal way to be creative. No background in art is required!

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Why Visual Artist Don’t Learn as Fast as Musicians

Why We (Visual artists) Don’t Learn As Fast As Musicians

Will Terry blames the system for artists being so behind by the time they hit college.

If you’re enrolled in our “Illustration For Storytellers” class – FULL or LITE version please watch this video…it is designed to help all of us accept critiques easier.In this video I discuss why many visual artists in my University classes avoid my help, critiques, suggestions, and advice. I can’t blame them because they have been victimized by our public school system. I realize that I’m generalizing but most US students are never taught visual art the same way they are taught music, dance, acting, writing, and sports. We get our writing assignments handed back to us with red marks correcting our mistakes in elementary school all the way through high school. We have been conditioned to accept right and wrong ways to use the English language so when we get to college we begin at a much higher level for writing classes than do incoming freshmen in art.It’s important to understand how we have wrongly treated the visual art student so that we might help them understand that letting go of their bad habits will liberate them and accelerate their learning. I give many examples in the video – if you disagree with me please watch the video first where I make my complete argument – but I do welcome your thoughts! Thanks.
If you are ready to learn a little more, go to for art lesson video courses online.


Online Children’s Illustration Class – Update

Jake and I are so pleased that our FULL class has SOLD OUT – but we still have the LITE class available for $150. We are humbled to realize that artists all over the world trust us to share what we’ve learned about creating illustrations for stories like children’s books and comics. What is possible today wasn’t possible only a few years ago and it is my belief that we will find learning online more and more common in the coming years. I believe that is why FolioAcademy is doing so well. To think that we can broadcast from our little town in Utah USA to anywhere in the world is mind blowing and proves that if you work hard and dream BIG you can do it! The little map above shows how spread out our current enrollment is to date – but it’s still growing!


How long will I be able to purchase the LITE version of the class? We will keep the video only version of this class available until July 10th 2013- the last day of the LIVE class. If you want to watch all of these classes – get the details by clicking here.

What format will the LITE class be in? The LITE version of the class will be in an MP4 or WMV file or both.

If I buy the LITE class how long can I view it? If you purchase the LITE class you will be given a download link to have the complete video files on your computer for as long as you like.

Will I get any feedback with the LITE version? No – we produced two price points to account for the time we will spend with FULL version participants – the LITE class will deliver the recorded version of the FULL class without the critiques, class questions, draw-overs, and skype call.

What materials will I need for either the LITE or FULL class? The assignments we will give will all require drawing instruments like copy paper and pencils (or tablet with drawing program). Adding color to your assignment is optional. You could use Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Watercolor, Gouche, Ink, or Digital. I advise my students to avoid colored pencil unless it’s mixed with an aqueous media like Watercolor because it takes a tremendous amount of time to build up color while controlling texture. Most illustrators avoid it as a stand alone medium for this reason.

If you have any other questions pertaining to the class I welcome them and will add them to this list if they are pertinent to participants.

Story Art Class for the Picture Book Illustrators

I, Folio Academy Artist/Instructor, Will Terry & Jake Parker will teach a Story Art Class

We are making a list and will give advanced notice to those of you who want to sign up. Simply leave your email address in the comments section below or email me privately and I’ll put you on the list. These people will get first crack at the sign up when we launch the website. No obligation however if you’re on the list – you will just get an email with the link to the class site.

Ok – so here’s the info:

I’m going to be team teaching this class with Jake Parker! THE JAKE PARKER! This guy is amazing – he’s worked on feature films and comics as well as picture books – not to mention coming off of an amazing Kickstarter raising $85,000 for his Antler Boy book! (Don’t tell anyone – but I’m more excited to learn from him probably than anyone else!)

Where: On your computer
When: Every Mon. and Wed. at 7:00PM – 9:00PM MST Starting June 10th and ending July 10th
Duration: 5 weeks = 10 classes
How much? This will be announced on the website but it will be a fraction of what a college class costs and I think extremely reasonable for what you will get.

Each class will be recorded and you will be able to watch it at your convenience – so if you have to miss a class you can still watch the presentation although you will miss out on asking questions.

In addition you will get a follow up Skype call at the end of the class to go over anything you want -concerning your work or portfolio.

Each class has been carefully thought out and the schedule will be posted on the website.

I’m just bursting – this is going to be so much fun!