Fold 1000 Origami Cranes and Your Wish Will Come True?

Artist and iPad designer/developer, Heidi Berthiame, is putting the legend to the test. 

It is said those who fold 1000 origami cranes will have their wish come true.

Heidi Berthiame, has been working hard toward her goal or wish, (we are yet to discover what that is) for the past two and a half years. Perhaps in a last ditch effort to see her wish come true, she started folding 1000 origami Wish Cranes in January of this year.

Because getting the Crane folded is not the end goal, but rather the end results, it takes her about six minutes to fold each Wish Crane. That time is spent thinking about her wish and how she can best do what ever it will take to make it come true. That time is a break from what has to be done to contemplate what could be done. That time is well spent, every day.

She currently has over four hundred Wish Cranes completed. In November, she will finish folding the final one.

She said, “I do not know when my Wish will be granted, but I do know …

I will have *a lot* of origami Wish Cranes.”

Thus she has started a Kickstarter project. And yes, it has funded. 

FolioAcademy salutes Heidi Berthiame. Congrats and way to go!

You can give a Wish Crane a home? There are about two days left for the Kickstarter but you may be-able to contact her as for a Crane at the same Kickstarter page.

If you pledge, you will receive one of the origami Wish Cranes that Heidi has personally hand crafted this year. She says that she will rejoice that it has a new home, and perhaps that Wish Crane can aid a wish of yours to come true, too. So if you can provide a good home. . . make a pledge.

The origami Wish Canes are created from 3 inch x 3 inch patterned paper, which comes in five designs.

Each Wish Crane is folded by hand, therefore they lack a machine’s precision but have a craftsman’s uniqueness.

All Wish Cranes are numbered under one wing, ranging from 1 to 1000.

The number and pattern of the Wish Crane you receive will be randomly chosen when she reaches into the flock and closes her fingers gently upon a single wing and withdraws that crane – kind of like The Claw in the movie Toy Story, but with less vocalizations for her origami Wish Cranes are all silent species. At least whenever there are people around.

The Funding Goal was only $25 because that is how much she needed to pay for the additional paper necessary to fold the remaining Wish Cranes.

The Pledge Reward is set to $3, which covers supplies and shipment of one Wish Crane to wherever you are in the world. (even Utah)

The Pledge Limit is set to 999 because Heidi will keep one of the Wish Cranes for herself. So she is folding 1000 origami Wish Cranes and hope to send 999 to new homes, where they can live happily ever after and perhaps help fulfill a new Wish.

It is possible a Wish Crane may go missing after it leaves my house and before it reaches yours. I will pay to ship a replacement Wish Crane if yours does not arrive within 30 days of being shipped. Replacement Wish Cranes will not be numbered but will be folded from the same kind of patterned paper as the original 1000 Origami Wish Cranes.

And if her wish comes true, maybe she will tell us what that wish was.

P.S. I just re wrote (plagiarized) what Heidi already said on her Kickstarter page.


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