Art Lesson Videos 50% OFF through December

Online Art Lessons for FREE! Well, it’s like buy one get one free.

It’s actually more like, buy one for half price, or buy several for half price, but hey, I’m an artist not a mathemutation, or mathematician or what ever.

Code: xmas

Hard to find: Promo Page: AKA

Christmas Mouse

Skip the boring stuff and click LINK… But first, memorize this secret code: xmas (all lower case letters, not Xmas or XMAS and definitely not X-MAS) Then type the secret code in the secret code box and click on the “Activate Promo Prices” box. BINGO! Now every thing is offered to you, our favorite customer, at half price. You can do this clear till Dec. 31.

Will we do this again Next year?

NO! NO! NO! Well, maybe… but probably not, we are thinking of doing a great big cyber Monday sale. But who knows, after all, we still love all our favorite customers.

Last year we let our favorite customers purchase as many of our art lesson video courses as they wanted for half price during the entire month of December. It was a lot of fun and a lot of our fans totally splurged and really enjoyed it. They said things like,

I have been learning a lot form your video courses.  I have been watching them every day for about three months.  I just wanted to drop my deep appreciation to you for being such a brilliant artist and teacher.

I have made a drastic career change from being a scientist to writing/illustrating children’s books.  I had no formal training on art and was struggling to break though.  Your video courses really helped me.  When I watch your video I am always inspired, electrified, and motivated.  With all that, I just wanted to say thank you very much for creating such brilliant arts and being a great teacher.

Sincerely, Aiko

Others have said things like, “Thanks”, and “Thank you”. 

Who are our favorite customers?

Like a grandmother that doesn’t want to play favorites, let’s just say, YOU are ALL our favorites. However, those who like us on FaceBook and register on this blog site, and say good things about us, and recommend FolioAcademy to their friends everywhere and love us, and follow us and stalk us, (in a good way, not the way where we end up dead or see incriminating photos of ourselves on the internet and stuff like that) and purchase our courses and they think Will is the best and they like Wayne, Will’s little buddy, for who he is and they want to be artists when they grow up and they doodle in class and church and they post their kids art work on their fridge, and they’re nice people, and they help others and they love others and they smile, and they compliment others and stuff like that. Well, those are our most favorite!

So any way, we are offering all our courses for half price to all our favorite peeps. That’s you and any other who can find the hard to find promo page and remember to put the secret code, xmas in the right place and then click on the “Activate Promo Prices” box.

Thank you, you favorite you.

Happy Christmas, and Merry New Year.



How To Write A Children’s Book

I’m very happy to announce TWO things this morning. The launch of Ann Cannon’s Folio Academy video – “How To Write A Children’s Book” and our Fall 30% off Sale at Folio Academy on the entire store! (use code: fall3 but you have to find the promo page and it is hard to find.  )

Ann is a very accomplished author of children’s books. She has published tons of books and written way more than that. She is busy doing what she loves. Like and artist.

So about 6 months ago we asked her if she would be interested in making a video tutorial. We wanted a lesson designed specifically for illustrators and beginning writers. Let me be Frank, my good friend here, Will Terry probably wanted that video for himself. With all the possibilities of indie publishing both traditionally and in electronic form becoming available – the demand for the kind of information packed in her tutorial is going up.

It took us a while because Ann is a busy woman who also writes a weekly column for the Salt Lake Tribune but we finally got time where we could all get together. I really hope this video helps the illustrator who wants to create their own story.


….AND – you can get it for 30% off for till Oct 16th if you use this secret code: fall3 at our secret and hard to find, promo page …after, like Oct 16 at midnight or some where around there depending on what time zone you live in, that the sale ends, and no, we don’t know if there will EVER be another sale at FolioAcademy. Feel free to call Will Terry and ask him, but he doesn’t know either. But between you and me and the lamp post, we probably will sooner or later. Want Will’s number?

Here is one of Ann’s latest books and you can check out the tutorial here.

Folio Academy has teamed up with Kwiksher for a limited time.

Get Four of Folio Academy’s video training courses FREE when you purchase Kwiksher. 

Bring your interactive stories to life, without code. Creating your own apps can be fun and fulfilling and now anyone can do it with Kwik 2 at

What is Kwiksher? The best way to create mobile apps from Photoshop!

click below to See Kwik in action.

Improving Your Work, Training with the Best

Alex Souza, the founder of Kwiksher says, “I am a believer that there is always space for improvement (in our lives, skills, and so on). Of course this applies to Kwik made apps.”

Picture of four bonus video courses: Beginning Photoshop for digital painting, Digital Painting in Photoshop part 1 & 2, and How to Design a Drawing

Quality is one of the top reasons for successful positions into store rankings.

Thinking about that, I partnered with Folio Academy and Will Terry, one of the top children’s book illustrators in the world, to provide quality instruction to anyone willing to improve illustration and painting skills with Photoshop.

Will’s life’s goal was to become a children’s book illustrator, and to date, he has illustrated over 25 children’s books with great publishers like Scholastic, Random House, Leap Frog, Houghton Mifflin, Dial, Albert Whitman, and Simon Schuster.

I am really a fan of what he is able to do and I believe everybody will get great insights from his blog

Every new Kwiksher customer (till end of April) will get the following four training videos for FREE.

Every Kwiksher customer can get a 50% discount (till end of April) on the following four training videos by Will at Folio Academy. But even better, all new customers who purchase Kwik 2 at will be given, all four of these wonderful lessons. ~Alex


  • How To Design A Drawing: explains what it means to design a drawing as well as an introduction to the design principles and elements. Honestly, I wish I had this information while in college;

Together, these tutorials cost US$100 so, don’t miss the opportunity to get them with the discounted price.

Buy one, Get one FREE Art Lesson Videos

For the month of Dec Folio Academy was running a buy one get one free special (equal or lesser value of course)


Merry Holidays

enjoy a gift from folioacademy, 50% off all courses through December.

How it works: Just go to this link and use this promo code. w1966 and all the courses will be 1/2 off, unless you wait till December is gone.

We were doing a buy one get one free thing. It was a little cumbersome as we were having our peeps purchase one of the two that they wanted and then they had to email us and tell us which one they wanted for their free one. Don’t get me wrong, we do love to hear from our friends and fans like you. but we were pretty busy updating everyone’s account.

We finally, and I mean yesterday, figured out how to run a promo code on our website. So now we can just send our loyal peeps to our promo page with a “secret”  pass-code like w1966 and every thing is half off. COOL HUH?

So Happy Christmas and Merry New Year everybody. Thanks for being a part of FolioAcademy, and if you haven’t been a part of folioacademy thanks in advance for when you are. We will do our best to make folioacademy the ARt education site that you want it to be.