Folio Academy Gets 100 Likes on Facebook

Grand Prize for our 100th Liker on Facebook.

Here’s to Alyeen Laurel George Lim, our 100th liker on Facebook. Should we give her the usual $1,000,000.00? A trip to Hawaii? Or should we give her the GRAND PRIZE, a mention on FolioAcademy Blog?

Grand Prize it is.

Here’s to you Alyeen, let me mention you on the blog. 

Alyeen Lym is our 100th Liker on Facebook

Thanks Alyeen, and thanks to all our other “Likers” too, we wouldn’t have 100 likes if it weren’t for the other 99. Alyeen is a true friend however, she even shared on her Facebook page, saying “This is my husband’s cousin! His website is amazing! Check it out for art classes of all kinds for adults and kids!! A great homeschooling resource!” ~ Alyeen Laurel George Lim

Don’t judge me, love me, or when it comes to Facebook, Like me.

We’ve been around for a year and a half and you’d think that we would have achieved 100 likes a long time ago. FolioAcademy has hundreds of peeps using our videos in thirty countries around the world. But it wasn’t until December 28, 2012 at or around 6:37 pm Mountain Standard time, ding ding ding ding, Folio academy gets it’s 100th Like on Facebook. That is a small milestone, and hopefully we’ll get 1000 likes faster than 100 per year and a half.

who will be our 100th Liker

It took these two knuckleheads a year and a half to get 100 likes on Facebook. But they did it.

If face book is a popularity contest, and I guess it is, we are not the most popular kid on the block, yet. But hey, I was never them most popular kid in school either.

When we, at Folio started Facebooking, we ended up, or rather, we started out with three different Facebook accounts. I guess Will started one, I started one, and I think our web master started one, or I started two. And knowing just what to do with Facebook is a little difficult for a couple of knuckleheads like Will and me, but we are having fun with it and we promise to do better.

Social Media Marketing, AKA SEO is a must these days for any online business

Whether we like it or not, ours is an online business, and by the way, we do like it. We just aren’t left brained enough to love all the computer mumbo jumbo that comes with online anything. We looked into a pretty cool sales campaign company called Groupon a while ago and they didn’t want anything to do with us until we had at least 1000 likes on Facebook. Needless to say, we didn’t do a Groupon’s sale with our limited number of likes.

We love you to love us, but more importantly, we love you to like us.