Do I Need a Rep or Agent to Sell My Artwork?

Artist Will Terry specifically answers the big question,

Is it worth it to hire that Rep?

Agents and reps are struggling too right now.

Thanks to the internet, you are competing with a lot of other artists, but you are also allowed to, and can afford to compete with everyone.

Will Terry used to spend up to $7500 to advertise in one workbook, before the WWW in the mid 90’s.

How to become a Children’s Book Illustrator

Becoming A Children’s Book Illustrator

Artist Will Terry answers questions from a fellow artist in Serbia. 

In the video above I answer some questions from a fellow artist in Serbia who is trying to break into the children’s book market.

I think many artists can relate to his frustrations and challenges in the quest to becoming a children’s book illustrator, so by answering him with this video, hopefully I’m also speaking to a much broader audience. I know I get long winded but if you’re working on some art just let it play in the background and perhaps some of what I say will resonate with you. Also – feel free to disagree – I welcome differing opinions so others can have more to think about.

Did I say Serbia? That’s right, we have recently acquired our first customer from Serbia that we know of. At FolioAcademy we are happy to help so many in so many different parts of the world. Serbia is the forty first country from which, people are using our easy online art courses. Thanks to the www we can learn from people any where in the world. We also get to compete with people anywhere in the world. There are a lot of brilliant artists out there, so stay sharp.



Watch the art lesson video below for iPad tips with Procreate

In the video below, artist Will Terry, shows you how he’s using the Procreate app to make drawings for his children’s books, iPad apps, personal and professional freelance work.
He loves the Procreate app! It allows him to make high resolution drawings that he can email to his desktop and paint in Photoshop. No more running out of paper. No more pens, not having a pen, running out of lead, no more pencils, no more books, no teachers dirty looks.
Will can take his work anywhere and he can go through the entire drawing refinement process without the use of a scanner or tracing paper.
“It has made me much more productive, I can do finish work anywhere”
Will has been known to work at the doctor’s office (not as a doctor), in meetings, waiting in the car (well he is married), on airplanes, at conferences and more. He just has to remember to take enough work with him when he leaves his studio.
Enjoy the video…
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