E-books, Now Anyone Can Publish, Even YOU

E-books, A fun easy way to get published

E-books cover art, Tickle Bugs

Tickle Bugs e-book. Now in E-Stores near you

“Publish or parish” They used to say. Maybe they still do. E-books make it so much more possible. And it can be fun.

In a recent post, I said that illustrators can either complain, or they can become authors, write AND illustrate. They can write, illustrate and publish now. Self Publish. They/we can still complain too if we want. There is always something to complain about right? Isn’t that what Facebook is for?

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t really been writing and illustrating, or publishing any e-books. But a few short years ago. Well back in 20011, I was all over it.


E-books success with Monkey & Croc

My first e-book, Monkey & Croc was a lot of fun to write and more fun to illustrate. It wasn’t fun to publish, that is left brain stuff I am sure. But I had a buddy. If you don’t have a buddy, you should get one, or hire one. And that buddy was a left brain kind a guy, that, for a fee, would get my story and artwork all published as an e-book for me. Monkey and Croc still hasn’t found it’s way to the New York Times best seller list, but it did pretty well. So I made another e-book. In doing that i was moonlighting as a second illustrator – the one that doesn’t sleep. Sometimes I think I need to see one of those mad scientists like Michael Keaton did in the movie “Multiplicity” – I could use a few extra me’s around to get everything done.

Cute e-books Illustration of a small bug eating a leafCute e-books Illustration of a small grub with feet

E-Books in a Simple Form and for kids

Tickle Bugs was an attempt to explore a much simpler form of e-books void of backgrounds and complete with very simple characters. The audience is extremely targeted to the teething ring and diaper crowd. If you’re wearing pull ups and sucking on a pacifier you just might like Tickle Bugs. So if that is you, stop reading this boring blog post and get yourself a copy of my e-books, especially Tickle Bugs and read like the wind.

I aimed it for the younger kids because there just weren’t that many e-books out there that were for children ages two and under.

Chalese Andreason, a young lady and friend of mine, wrote an e-book or two as well, and she is just a little girl.

How To Draw, Paint, and do Art

PS Learn how to draw and paint, and other fun art skills at FolioAcademy.com.












It was so much fun to take an idea from concept to finished product and published!!! in less than a month!!!


Tickle bugs didn’t climb up the search ranking as fast as Monkey & Croc – I had a feeling that it would get progressively harder to get the same attention but I had to keep trying. The idea of author/illustrator as brand is way too exciting.

Tickle Bugs doesn’t wiggle but if the reader holding the toddler is on the ball the little tike will be giggling at the end. Tickle Bugs is available at Barnes and Noble – click here.