Fine Artist, Simon Winegar is Still Painting

 Simon Winegar is still painting fine art and doing a great job.

FolioAcademy salutes our own, extremely talented artist and instructor, Simon Wineger. He is still painting and still loving it. Way to go Simon!

Simon Winegar is one of our many wonderful artists offering their talent, tips and training at folioacademy. He can paint, he can teach he can sell.

Simon Winegear is just finishing up this fine art oil painting.

This one is part of his “Bones of America” series. The barn comes from an area north of Logan Utah near the Idaho border. A great structure with slight remnants of it’s original red color streaking down the front.

Just finishing up this piece. This image also comes from my "Bones of America" series. This barn comes from an area north of Logan Utah near the Idaho border. A great structure with slight remnants of it's original red color streaking down the front.

from my “Bones of America” series


Are people still buying Fine Art?

Apparently they are still buying fine art. Sorry folks, this beautiful piece is already sold to a collector who just can’t get enough of Simon’s work.

Lavender Fields 8x10 Oil by Artist, Simon Winegar

“Lavender Fields”  8×10 Oil  by Artist, Simon Winegar


This Oil Painting of a red quaky didn’t last long at the gallery.

The Red One, Represented by The Mission Gallery, it Came in…Spent the night…and Sold in the morning morning! February 2, 2013

SOLD: "The Red One" Oil 9"x12" ARTIST: Simon Winegar Represented by The Mission Gallery Came in yesterday...Spent the night...Sold this morning!

“The Red One” Oil 9″x12″

Last I heard, the following piece was still hanging.

Another fine piece, possibly available, by Simon Winegar.

Painting of a tree in front of a reddening sky

As the Sky Goes Red

This piece titled, As the Sky Goes Red, may still be hanging in the Mission Gallery.

Oil on Panel, 8"x10"

Season of Undoing,’ Oil on Panel, 8″x10″

So Get out and Paint! 

Makes you want to get out and paint. Or buy some nice work. You know what they say, “If you can’t paint, buy from someone who can.” Or Learn from someone who can. Be it Plein air, out doors, oil or what ever, it is never too late to get started.

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Hanging with J. Kirk Richards

What a coincidence. Will Terry and I were at the Repartee Gallery in Orem yesterday, Dec, 7, 1941 2012, and who do you think just happened to be in there signing prints, and books and meeting some of his lucky fans?

That’s right, J. Kirk Richards, the wonderful Fine Artist and Illustrator, Known primarily for his contribution at Folio Academy I’m sure. Just look at some of his stuff.

Sometimes you gotta make a coincidence happen. You see, last week while I was in that same Gallery, hanging with Scott Gustafson, they told me Kirk would be there on Dec. 7. I was expected to go to a company Christmas party with my wife, but luckily her boss took ill and was admitted to the Hospital, so I could go with Will and enjoy some refreshments and bother Kirk. (PS, Just joking when I say “luckily”, My wife’s boss is home now and doing well and I would much rather he never took Ill, he is a great person and deserves health and happiness.) Kirk Richards is a friend of mine and we are so glad to have him as one of our contributing artists at folioacademy. Several people have taken and loved his Portrait Painting courseand love it.

J. Kirk Richards is a favorite among admirers of contemporary spiritual artwork. Richards attributes much of his love for the arts to an early emphasis on musical training in his parents’ home. Turning then from music to visual arts, Kirk studied with painters Clayton Williams, Bruce Hixson Smith, Patrick Devonas, Hagen Haltern, Gary and Jennifer Barton, James Christensen, Wulf Barsch, Joe Ostraff, and others.

Kirk is a busy man, but we are glad he wants to add a few courses to the folioacademy library. He has a lot to share and he is a wonderful instructor. If you don’t already love his stuff, take a look and see if you don’t add the young and talented J. Kirk Richards to your growing list of favorite artists. PS he speaks Italian as a second language, how cool is that?