Homework for Painting Color & Light

Here is a little assignment you can do, or not, but if you would like to, take the challenge and see what you come up with.
I would love to see what you come up with and maybe blog some of it. If you do something pretty cool, attach it to me in and email. Well, don’t attach it to me, attach it to an email and email it to me to my personal email.
WayneAndreason@Gmail dot com

Art Contest 

(I just got an idea forming in my brain, this is now an art contest or a painting contest, or maybe a coloring contest, either way, see below, or the bottom, or the end of this blog for details.)

Just Color These

If you can figure out how to download these drawings, or save them to your computer or device, print if you wish to paint traditionally, or work digitally if you’d rather. Or do your best to draw them.
Then color them.

Variations of a theme. 


Take these mushrooms and make set different. That is, color them different colors, explore different light, colors and what ever. We have an example at the end of this blog if you want to see some possibilities.

Complex things are made of basic shapes


Bare in mind, that most things are built with basic shapes, so this is simplified. Take it and decide what you will do with it. Light source and direction. Warm light, or cold, dark and dingy or light and cheery, you decide, add detail if you like.
Santa Claus (AKA Father x-mas) on a Tropical Island


So Santa is on the beach. See what you can do with color on this one. Is it morning, is it noon day, is it evening, morning, or night? You decide. Do one in the day and one in the night if you dare. Same scene but Night vs Day.
Mad Scientist in his Laboratory


This is an awesome black and white that Jake Parker drew during his Inktober phase last year. This could be realy fun to color, heck it’s fun just the way it is. Think of what you could do with color. You could use harsh light, contrasted by soft light, maybe some creepy fog. Have fun with it. This should be fun for comic book and graphic novel lovers.
and this is “below, the bottom, and the end of this blog”

contest details: 

Entries must be emailed to me WayneAndreason@gmail dot com (that’s code, figure it out, the dot means period and there are no spaces) as an attachment in the form of JPEG, no later than one week from today, Okay, 8 days, take Sunday off and go to church for a change. (this was an attempt at humor, please don’t take offence, I can only be so PC)

We will find some artists in the community to judge the artwork who will choose 1 to 4 winners, depending on how many entries we get. Or maybe I should say 0 to 4 winners as we may not get any entries.

By entering a piece or more, you are giving permission for that piece to be displayed on the internet etc. Just in case.

The winner/winners will get a FREE Folio Academy art lesson course of their choice.

Contestants are not allowed to EVER be offended by Will’s or my attempt at humor. We mean no harm, except to that girl named Tammy who tore up a picture I drew of a dinosaur back in second grade. I do mean to offend her but she can still enter. I promise I won’t tear it up. I think her last name was Roundy.

and oh yeah, you can’t go around selling it as your own work as the drawings are drawn by Will Terry

and Jake Parker who are famous artists and hold copyrights.

have fun.


So we took the mushroom theme and ran with it to give you and example of what you could do.









PS if you know Tammy Roundy that went to Lincoln Elementary school in Salt Lake City about 45 years ago, tell her to friend me on FB. Any of you may friend me too. thanks. Your best friend, Wayne

I Draw, but How Can I Make Money With It?

Professional Artist, Will Terry Answers a few good questions.

In this video Will Terry of folioacademy, answers a question from David – a Southwest Airlines employee who has 3 days off/week and loves to draw comics during his down time. He actually made a video in-which he asked what steps he should take next to getting his work published. We figured that other artists too, might be in his situation and might benefit from some answers. Give it a look or just listen to this video, (there is audio) while you work or what ever.


Online Children’s Illustration Class – Update

Jake and I are so pleased that our FULL class has SOLD OUT – but we still have the LITE class available for $150. We are humbled to realize that artists all over the world trust us to share what we’ve learned about creating illustrations for stories like children’s books and comics. What is possible today wasn’t possible only a few years ago and it is my belief that we will find learning online more and more common in the coming years. I believe that is why FolioAcademy is doing so well. To think that we can broadcast from our little town in Utah USA to anywhere in the world is mind blowing and proves that if you work hard and dream BIG you can do it! The little map above shows how spread out our current enrollment is to date – but it’s still growing!


How long will I be able to purchase the LITE version of the class? We will keep the video only version of this class available until July 10th 2013- the last day of the LIVE class. If you want to watch all of these classes – get the details by clicking here.

What format will the LITE class be in? The LITE version of the class will be in an MP4 or WMV file or both.

If I buy the LITE class how long can I view it? If you purchase the LITE class you will be given a download link to have the complete video files on your computer for as long as you like.

Will I get any feedback with the LITE version? No – we produced two price points to account for the time we will spend with FULL version participants – the LITE class will deliver the recorded version of the FULL class without the critiques, class questions, draw-overs, and skype call.

What materials will I need for either the LITE or FULL class? The assignments we will give will all require drawing instruments like copy paper and pencils (or tablet with drawing program). Adding color to your assignment is optional. You could use Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Watercolor, Gouche, Ink, or Digital. I advise my students to avoid colored pencil unless it’s mixed with an aqueous media like Watercolor because it takes a tremendous amount of time to build up color while controlling texture. Most illustrators avoid it as a stand alone medium for this reason.

If you have any other questions pertaining to the class I welcome them and will add them to this list if they are pertinent to participants.