Digital Art Frog Demo Speed Painting in Photoshop

Speed Painting with Photoshop: Digital Art, Frog Demo

4 minute video of my 10 minute Frog Demo in Photoshop

10 min Frog from will terry on Vimeo.

I just needed to have a little fun with my artwork today

So what’s up with this video? I finally felt the art deprivation bug chewing on the back of my neck so I decided to do something purely for fun. This Photoshop painting was done in just over 10 minutes. I paint characters like this for my school visits and project them on a big screen for assemblies. I like to give kids a taste of what my paintings are like and they seem to like it. I love how quiet a few hundred 2nd and 3rd graders become when I start painting my little frog, gator or boar with my Wacom tablet.

Shameless plug alert! Artist for Hire!

I could come to a school near you and paint this lil’ fella as well as talk some art and reading and career talk, if you want – just put me in touch with your librarian or media specialist.


Giving assemblies on reading and illustrating for picture books

Here is the skinny from Yuba City CA – giving assemblies on reading and illustrating for picture books. This was me barely making it over Donnor Summit before it got really bad.

I gave about 4-5 assemblies each day for 4 days – it was really fun watching kids get excited over my work. It’s hard for me to get a reaction from my own kids – they’ve seen behind the curtain. I love to do school visits.
At the end of each assembly I painted one of my characters in Photoshop on the screen – kids got really quiet watching a drawing come to life.
For some of the older classes I gave some drawing lessons.
We took some goofy pictures…
This is Craig and Leslie Reading – Leslie set up all the schools and made all the arrangements – She did so much to facilitate these presentations – I can’t thank her enough!I also got to visit my sister Beth and her husband Michael. Beth is a famous blogger in the Bay area – her blog: fakeplasticfish talks about living life while using a lot less plastic.

Drawing Inspiration: Will Terry in Yuba

I even made the local paper!

Donner Summit was kind to me on the way back.  😎