Will Terry’s Children’s Picture Book, Hungry Fox and the Midnight Pies

Hungry Fox and the Midnight Pies,

by Jeff Dinardo & Will Terry

As I write this it is TBT Throw Back Thursday so..

Hungry FoxI did a book project awhile back, (it is TBT in my world or so I saw on Facebook) I worked on it with a wonderfully talented author and designer, Jeff Dinardo and it was a blast! It’s really fun to work with a great designer because the end product is so much more successful. Check out Jeff’s work – I’m sure you’ll be impressed! This is a cute story about a fox by the name of Fox, who smells Owl’s pies cooling on the stereotypical windowsill, as the sweet aroma wafts its way through the cool night air. Ignoring his limited climbing skills Fox begins up the tree to find a midnight snack. I won’t spoil the ending but everyone ends up having a good time.I really enjoyed dreaming up, designing and illustrating Owl’s tree house and painting the various scenes! Fun Stuff! Here’s a smiley face for you from all of us at folio academy  :)

QUICK Tree House SKETCH Pencil & Photoshop

Pencil Sketch of a Tree House, Painted in Photoshop

Push yourself by giving yourself a time limit. 

The world famous artist, Will Terry, (he’s famous in my world) sketched this little tree house during a really boring meeting. I know I know, all meetings are boring to Will. To me too. But this one was really boring. Lucky he had his sketch book.

tree House Sketch

He only gave himself a half hour paint it. 

He liked the sketch and decided to scan it and paint it using Photoshop, but only gave himself a half hour to color it.
He wanted to push himself and see how far he could get in a short amount of time.
I feel it could look better, and would if he spent more time on it. But rules are rules. Sometimes it is a good exercise to push yourself by giving yourself a time limit.

Work the whole Illustration from general to specific

tree House 30 Mins. in PS

A lot of artists will work their illustrations from general to specific. When asked how they know when it is done, they might say. “It is done when it is due.” In other words they keep working on it, bringing the whole painting up to a finished point little by little. Working the whole thing from general to specific. So as they spend more time on it the whole piece gets more and more refined. Then when the dead line comes, turn it in, it’s done.
This tree house is still pretty general, but for some things it could almost pass as being finished.
It is time for this blog post to be finished so I…

Painting a Hobbit Home or Gnome Home in a Tree

Pencil Sketch & Digital Painting of a Hobbit Home

Before and After pictures of a hobbit home, sketched then painted in Photoshop

Gnome home, a door in a tree


Here is a Before and after set of pictures of a basic drawing or sketch and what it looks like once it’s been scanned in and painted over via photo shop with the digital painting techniques taught in our beginning PS course, Painting in Photoshop and our Advanced Digi Painting in Photoshop art courses at FolioAcademy.com.




soft back light and the soft edges of the tree and background flowers

digital artwork of a Hobbit home or gnome home


I love the soft back light and the soft edges of the tree and background flowers. I like the porch light being on too, In real life I hate any of my lights left on when it’s not necessary, but it works well in paintings and photography. I also like the arbitrary almost, cool, light on the door and the stepping stones. They didn’t over due it with color either so the little violet pot and green plant just kind of pop. Note how the artist crisped up the lines and edges on the door and plant, to direct and focus our attention on the door knocker and the potted plant. The sketch above also has some of that soft line quality that was later used in the final piece.

You may also want to notice the cool colors in the very warm painting. Especially on the left side of the tree trunk. Warm light, cool shadows.  Nice huh?

Have a blessed day :)